DROP Fingerboarding // G6 Plaza

January 2022 | DROP FINGERBOARDING G6 Plaza with Fabian Kronsteiner @letyourfingazspeak filmed with sony S35mm digital cinema camera with viltrox cinema 33mm and 56mm lenses. Music by Anitek / Monolith

Blackriver-ramps // Welcome Video

July 2020 | Official +blackriver-ramps+ Welcome Videoproject with Fabian Kronsteiner @letyourfingazspeak filmed with sony S35mm digital cinema camera for the longlens shots and sony dslr for fisheye. Music by Artlist.io

Sorry Fingerboards X SlashCult

June 2020 | Entry for the SORRY FINGERBOARDS and SLUSHCULT VIDEO CONTEST Filmed a cinematic short with Fabian Kronsteiner @letyourfingazspeak on sony S35mm digital cinema camera. The Main Topic of this production was about candies and sweets combined with fingerboarding. The preproduction contained the production of skateable elements made out of sweets combined with a miniature shopping cart. Music by Sammy Davis Jr. Candy Man


June 2014 | Familiar Pool Session with Elias Assmuth & Nic Herzog Filmed during a visit in vienna around 2014...

Welcome to Berlinwood x 2015

January 2015 | Flo Kitzmüller - Welcome to Berlinwood Fingerboards Video Part filmed on the fingerskateboard cinema plaza...

Cinema Plaza Video Series

June 2014 | CINEMA PLAZA SHORT VIDEO SERIES Filmed with professional fingerboarding riders Elias Assmuth @spoffsharks (World Champion) Markus Schmidinger @mks_smd (World Champion and European Champion), Fabian Kronsteiner @letyourfingazspeak (Professional Rider) on a concrete fingerboarding plaza.

Melinda Kadar X ASI Berlin X Welcome Video

May 2014 | Melinda Kadar welcome to ASI Berlin Filmed during the FAST FINGERS World Championships Weekend in Wunsiedel Germany.

ASI BERLIN Store 2012

June 2012 | ASI BERLIN STORE (Blackriver Store in the past) Filmed with professionals from berlin and beyond...


July 2012 | FINGER-SKATEBOARDING Big Montage Filmed during the Fast Fingers worldchampionship weekend 2012 with professionals from all around the world.

United Fingerboarding - DVD Version

May 2012 | UNITED FINGERBOARDING FULL LENGHT VIDEO Filmed between the years of 2008 and 2012 with a international professionals. Video was premiered during the Battle at the Harrics 2012 aftercontest party in berlin at the RAW area. CONTENT: ISPO2008 - FINGASPEAK STEYR - LOWPRO PORTUGAL - CLOSEUP FRANCE - AT THE HARRICS BERLIN - PRO PART GENE SENGES - PRO PART FABIAN SCHREITER - EUROPEAN ROADTRIP - DAY IN A LIFE ELIAS ASSMUTH - PRO PART MARKUS SCHMIDINGER

FINGASPEKTAKEL 1-3 Contest Series

Fingaspektakel #1

Fingaspektakel #2

Fingaspektakel #3

2007 - 2009 | FINGASPEAK - FINGASPEKTAKEL EUROPEAN CONTEST SERIES Filmed between the years of 2007 and 2009 at the european fingerboarding contest hosted at RÖDA Steyr in Upperaustria, Europe. Featuring all the professionals from that time and also alot of young guns which are well known in the worldwide fingerboarding community.







2003 - 2008 | FINGERSKATEBOARD CINEMA WEB SERIES Filmed between the years of 2003 and 2008 with austrian professional fingerboard riders sponsored by FINGASPEAK Distribution. EPISODE ONE with Elias Assmuth - EPISODE TWO with Flo Kitzmüller - EPISODE 3 with Markus Schmidinger - EPISODE FOUR filmed in Berlin during the ASI Contest - EPISODE FIVE with Thomas Buchinger